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A free tool to perform more than 100 conversions between metric and US values
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Conversion Plus! can perform more than one hundred different conversions between pairs of metric and US values. The range of possibilities cover all the most common disciplines, such as density, area, force, energy, frequency, length and distance, temperature, power, pressure, and many more. As a bonus, this tool comes with a useful and compact calculator.

As it happens with many conversion tools, this free application requires a very simple interface to perform its task. Thus, you are presented with a full list of all the conversions available, and two boxes, one for the input value, and another one for the result. However, things stop being that simple when you start browsing through the list of conversions. The first limitation you will find is the lack of a logical structure. The first twenty or thirty values are a mixture of disciplines – temperature, length, distance, volume, etc., though the good news is that all pairs are complete. From then on everything changes. The sorting method abruptly changes to alphabetical order, thus complicating the possibility of finding a specific value based on its discipline. As a consequence, the pair structure also disappears, and what is even more frustrating, some conversions have no matching pair, so they can only be performed one way. To make things a bit more confusing, you can convert acres to either hectares or hectacres, with identical results. There is only one time conversion available, from hours to days, maybe not the most complicated conversion you can think of.

However, once you have found the conversion you were looking for, the program works like a charm, offering you precise values with a variable number of decimals. The calculator that comes with Conversion Plus! is far from being a scientific calculator, but it is enough to perform all the basic operations you might need.

Francisco Martínez
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  • It comes with a useful calculator


  • The list of available conversions is poorly structured
  • Some conversions can only be performed one way
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